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Granite Supplier of India – Resource International (RI) is an embodiment of vision and enthusiasm of experienced professionals with a firm background of ten years of experience in the stone industry.We are leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Granite, Marble and Sandstone in India. We are a single source supplier and trader for a range of mineral products – Lime stone, Slate Stone, Paving stone, Soaps tone, Mosaic, Calcite, Quartz, Feldspar and Stone handicraft items from India.

Located in Udaipur the stone hub of Rajasthan, India Stone Resources brand name is known for its diligence in delivering high quality Granite and stone Products.

Our Goodwill attributes to our experience for processing decorative and building stones – Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Quartz, Engineered Stone in form of Blocks, Slabs, Tiles and Articles in standard and Cut to Sizes. We also provide the Granite Marble, Quarts an other Stone Products in required shapes according to the project needs to install directly in your projects such as Steps, Risers, Counter Tops, Pillars, Fountains etc. We can design and shape customised products of Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Quarts, Engineered Stones and other decorative stones available in India.

We value our customers and aspire to give the optimum returns to the value of their money. With a decade long experience in quarrying, processing, cutting, polishing, and fabrication, we can provide anything that suits your requirements.

Our maintained quality standards and rich selection of colors, textures and finishes injects life in distinctive designs with the durability and elegance. We have readily available full colour and texture range range in North Indian Granite and South Indian Granite. We can provide you the complete range of Marble products including White Marble, Green Marble and Pink Marble in all grades and colours as we have a wide network and long term business relations in Indian stone industry. We have an extensive network of professional quarrying and transport agents.

Our relationship with a largest network of Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Quartz, Engineered Stones and other natural and decorative stones quarries across the India qualifies us as the most sought after company. RI is looking forward to expand business and make fruitful associations with reputed companies of stone market in India and abroad. We have committed to serve construction industry in India for long time and now expanding our services and sales network in the global market with poise, diligence and commitment. We are presently supplying our Granite and stone products to Russia, Europe, Middle East, China, UK and USA.

Our asset is the team at Stone Resources International, which is professional, committed, hard-working and can meet your needs with utmost ease and consistency. We are a service oriented company. We are capable to supply and export stipulated material within scheduled time.

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