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Lime Stone


Lime Stone or Kota Stone is a type of sedimentary rock and like most other sedimentary rocks limestones are composed of grains. Limestone makes up about 10% of the total volume of all sedimentary rocks.
Lime Stone (Kota Stone) is well known for its popular applications in building decoration and construction due to the durability and good looking appearance.
This rock is used in concrete and is an excellent building stone for humid regions.

Resources International is Limestone supplier and exporter, offering limestone flooring, Kota stone slabs, blue, green limestone, polished limestone and limestone tiles. Kota blue and brown are popular limestone brands used for building decoration. It is used both for interiors as well as exteriors and polished surface finish shines like a mirror.

We offer all kinds of natural limestone which are easily available in different shapes and sizes. We present comprehensive range of natural limestone, limestone flooring which all are well polished and prepared from best quality material at the most reasonable price. We provide limestone products in various texture and attractive colour shades as black lime, Kota blue, Kota brown, Indus gold, pink lime etc.

Limesone is used for pavings, floorings, claddings, around the swimming pools & genl, construction purposes. We offer in handcut, sawn edges, bullnosed-natural, honed & polished surfaces.

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