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Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock constitute mostly calcite or dolomite. It takes a high polish and alos used for sculpture and as building material. Marble India is found in various colours and textures, and it is cost effective.
Marble is suitable home and office decoration, monumental work, interior as well as exterior decoration of buildings. This decorative stone is preferred in architecture and sculpture. Marble tiles are use for bathrooms, foyers, living rooms, dining space, wall cladding and flooring applications. Most used colours of Marbles are white, green, grey and pink. Indian Marble is selected for beautiful colours, textures and appearance.

Marble is a reasonably strong and durable natural stone. Marble Supplier Resources International is manufacturer and export for Marble Blocks, Marble Slabs and Marble Tiles, vanity tops, prefabricated, precut, polished and ready to install. RI is a reliable marble exporter and supplier in India for Marble Blocks, Slabs and Tiles. We provide the complete range of Green, White and Pink Marble Products in required size and shapes.

We deliver the finest quality marble ideal for a variety of use and take special care in choosing blocks at the quarries and maintain our quality. We offer marble articles such as Marble Idols, Marble Statues, Marble Pots, Marble Plates, Marble Pedestals, Marble Temples, Marble Vases and Marble Furniture.

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