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Resources International offers a qualitative range of Minerals including Soapstone, Calcite, Quartz, Feldspar which are vital industrial mineral used in a range of products. These minerals  powder bears its indigenous qualities and is free from impurities that make them readily available for processing applications.

Resources International offers a qualitative range of Soapstone powder which is a vital industrial mineral. These soapstone powder bears its indigenous qualities and is free from impurities that make it readily available for further applications. Our sandstone powder is available for our clients in different mesh sizes.

We have expertise in sourcing and supplying of best quality Soap Stone powder. We manufacturer and exporte processed Soapstone and Talc Powder. Our Soap Stone and Talc is featured as higher stiffness, elevated temperature, creep resistance at both ambient, enhance performance properties of the compound. Soap Stone powder is processed from the high quality Soapstone mines. Our products with the greatest quality, high whiteness and lower impurities. Soapstone is used in plastic industry, paint manufacturing, adhesives, pharmaceutical industries, paper mills, soap and cosmetic items, textile, rubber and many other industries. Due to softness, chemical inertness and adsorption properties Soapstone is also used as anti-sticking, anti-caking lubricant.

Calcite is a common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate, they display an optical property called birefringence (double refraction). Calcite is a most amazing and yet, most common mineral. It is one of the most common minerals on the Earth and is formed in many different geological environments.

Resources International offers best quality calcite powder. Calcite is a natural form of calcium carbonate that is available in controlled particle size to give improved results to the end products. Calcite powder is widely used as filler due to its various striking features such as: high dispersibility, low oil absorption, higher impact strength, smooth surface finish, easy processing, excellent dimensional stability. Calcite is used in Plastics, Paints, Rubber industries.

Quatz is a hard glossy mineral consisting of silicon dioxide in crystal form and has a unique structure. Color of quartz is as variable as the spectrum, but clear quartz is by far the most common color followed by white or cloudy (milky quartz). Purple (Amethyst), pink (Rose Quartz), gray or brown to black (Smoky Quartz) are also common.

Resources International manufactures wide variety of quartz minerals. Our varieties include macro-crystalline as well as micro-crystalline quartz. Quartz is applied in Glass, Paints, Oil Well Drilling, Ceramic (White ware), Semi-conductor, Foundry, Ferro-Silicon Metal, Water Filtration, Electrode. The common use of Quartz is in Glass, Ceramics, and Refractory.

Feldspar is a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminium silicates of potassium, sodium, calcium or barium and have similar characteristics due to a similar structure. Feldspars also tend to crystallize in igneous enviroments, but are also present in many metamorphic rocks. The different feldspars are distinguished by structure and chemistry.

Feldspar is used in the glass and ceramic industries. Feldspar is generally used for making the body composition of procelain, china and earthenware and preparation of glazes and enamel. Feldspar is an important ingredient in the glass sand batch and it is a bonding agent in the manufacture of bonded abrasives like wheels and discs of garnet, corundum and emery. Resources International offers the quality Feldspar, processed in iron free grinding mills. We produce various standard grades of Potassium & Sodium Feldspar for different kind of industry applications.

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