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Slate is a fine-grained recrystalline metamorphic shale that can be split into thin layers. Slate is formed in layers, it can easily be split to expose beautifully textured surfaces. The vibrant colors and unique texture makes slates appropriate for interior as well as exterior applications. Slate stones are fireproof and non-slippery.

Slates have a varied use in building and construction industry as they can be used for flooring, cladding and landscaping. Slate stones varied in levels of porosity, hardness and compressive strength.
Indian Slate stones is best suited for exterior and interior decorartion. Slate renders a graceful, natural finish to any building and are cost effective than other wall coverings.

Resource India International fabricates and exports natural slate and slate stone. We deal in the processing and export of roofing slate, as well as ridge tiles, slate for fixings, flooring and stone bathroom furniture. As a building material slate is known solid beauty, used for visual harmony with the stone buildings and the drystone walls. We offer a wide range of Natural Slate Stone sources with multicolor Slate and Slate Tiles. Slates processed by RI are popular pertaining to their natural beauty, performance characteristics, low maintenance, and durability.

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