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Resource Industries (RI) has liasoned with responsible logistic resources to ensure an optimal time bound & safe delivery of Granite, Marble, Sandstone and other products. Our stacking method is so secure, no movement is possible inside the container. Besides the Styrofoam cushioning throughout, we use only the best chemically treated insect-proof rubber wood, known for its strength, for packing.

Packaging: Packaging is one of the important part of our deliveries. At Resource Industries (RI) we strictly follow the packing standards so as to maintain the durability and assuring the safe delivery of material. Quality material is employed for the Granite, Marble, Sandstone products packaging.

Slab packing: Granite and Marble Slabs polished surfaces are packed individually with plastics & they are well packed in wooden crates/bundles. Slabs are inserted safely within wooden pallets with polished surfaces separated by thick plastic to make scratch proof.

Tile Packing:
Granite, Marble and Stone Tiles are packed with plastic sheets between their polished surfaces and thermocoal sheet in all six sides of the wooden box, fixed & tightened by Iron strips. We can load both open top and closed top 20-foot containers, with the ability to load a closed-top container using C-clamps.

Delivery: We ensure safe delivery of Granite, Marble, Sandstone products to our clients. For delivery of finished products, it generally takes three to four weeks since the order is placed. However for specific size orders extra time may be required.

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